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Helicopter AK 1-3 can be used for the decision of a wide range of problems:

* Monitoring of territories and objects: petro-gas pipelines, electric lines, water areas.
* Conducting of search and resque operations.
* Geological investigation, district air photography.
* Training to the technician of piloting and training of flight staff.
* Performance of aviation-chemical works.
* Business and pleasure flights.
* Participation in competitions of aviation kinds of sports

   Helicopter AK 1-3 was developed for long term of exploitation with the account of last achievements in helicopter-building. Great volume of theoretical and experimental researches during helicopter creation has been executed thanks to close cooperation of the developer with Aircraft Institute by Zhukovsky, Enterprise"Ivchenko-Progress", Aircraft plant of O.K.Antonov and other scientific organizations.

   Helicopter AK 1-3 is constructed according to classical one-screw scheme with the steering screw and it consists of a tubular frame on which the cabin made of composit materials, power-plant reduction gear of steering screw and a flat tail beam with empennage are mounted.

  The helicopter cabin provides free placing of two members of crew.
The width of a cabin at level of shoulders makes 1200 mm, for comparison - helicopter R-22 - only1055 mm.

   The big area of glazing provides the crew with good review in all directions. Seats of pilots arenot regulated, have waist and shoulder seat belts. The Piloting-navigating equipment of the helicopter allows to carry out flights in simple meteoconditions in the day-time, by rules of visual flights. At will of the customer the system of satellite navigation GPS and system of onboard registration of parameters of flight can be established on helicopter AK 1-3.

  The bearing screw is three-bladed with elastic fastening of blades.
The blades are made of composit materials, have on radius nonline twisting and a variable relative thickness of a profile that has allowed to improve considerably piloting and dynamic characteristics of the helicopter.
The steering screw is two-bladed with one general horizontal hinge. Blades of the steering screw are made of composit materials.

  Application of composit materials and unique technology at manufacturing of blades has allowed to increase considerably their reliability and a resource.

  By helicopter AK 1-3 reciprocating engine of liquid cooling EJ-25 «Subaru», working on automobile gasoline with octane number 95 and completed under given construction is installed (set).
Capacity from the engine through a belt drive and outrun muff is transferred to a power shaft of the main reduction gear. A control system is mechanical. A control run in channels of the general and cyclic step is rigid, in the travelling channel is mixed.

The helicopter is equipped with a heating system and ventilation of cabin with blowing of glazing.

   In air АК 1-3 possesses excellent controllability, and by estimations of experts does not concede to the best foreign analogues. Professional pilots - helicopter pilots including foreign, making the test - flights on АК 1-3 have given high appreciation to its flight qualities. The director of "Design Bureau Aerocopter" - Polituchyy Igor Vasilevich has acquainted Sikorskys S.I.with helicopter AK 1-3 (see the photo), who also - has noted the big perspectivity of the Poltava machine in the world market.

  Dual management gives possibility to make initial training of pilots, or to support the flight validity of the staff with small operational expenses. Helicopter AK 1-3 is approved and recommended by state aviation service of Ukraine as the helicopter of initial training for Kremenchug flight college.

   Vertical speed of decrease in an autorotation mode, reaches 8 m/s, that gives possibility in emergencies to land the helicopter safely (using "blasting" reception) with the switched off engine.

  By keeping helicopter in the limited closed space (garage, boxing) and transportation - possibility to remove and establish the blade is provided. This procedure is simple, also takes little.

  If necessary installation of the additional equipment (a projector, the container for cargo) on the helicopter is possible.
Coloring of helicopter AK 1-3 can be made under sketches of the customer.

  Base color is black (without additional payment). Complementary colors, except metallic, are accessible for additional payment at a rate of 1000 USD. Metallic - 2000 USD. Little-used color schemes are accessible for the additional payment co-ordinated with the manufacturer.

  "DB Aerocopter" can carry out service of the sold helicopters under separate contracts, will assist in acquisition of the necessary equipment and equipping, and also will recommend educational institutions for training and reception of the certificate of the pilot both amateur, and professional. You can independently acquaint with conditions of preparation of pilots having contacted the flight educational institutions which contact information is on a site, for inhabitants of Ukraine and the CIS we can recommend:

The Kremenchug flight college of National Aviation University.

39605, Poltava region, Kremenchug, Pobedy street (Peremogy), 17/6

Tel.: (05366) 31030, 31028
Fax: (0532) 501423

The contact person: Peshkov Vadim Vladimirovich.

  In June, 2006 , certificate of type TP No 0008 was given to helicopter AK 1-3 by the state aviation maintenance of Ukraine , that allows to use АК 1-3 in the commercial and amateur purposes on the territory of Ukraine. In other countries it is possible to make only amateur flights within the limits of the existing legislation.

  The factory does not make serially the kit - sets yet , but under the preliminary arrangement with the customer, АК 1-3 base complete sets after flight tests can be disassembled experts to a condition of kit - set for an additional payment. Such way facilitates helicopter registration ( kit - set) in some countries of the world.

  In the future the production of helicopter AK 1-3 is planned in classical a kit - set, in appropriate packing and the necessary documentation for assemblage. Terms of output and the price a of kit - set are not defined yet, but the work in this direction is conducted.

  A base complete set of helicopter AK ready to flight 1-3 consists of: base furnish of salon, base flight devices, devices of the control of work of the engine, sets, radio station (Microair or Icom), the operational documentation in Russian.

The cost of the helicopter AK 1-3 in the base set - ............. USD (equivalent). This price does not include the cost of delivery.

Standard (base) complete set of helicopter AK 1-3:

Toned glazing of cabin.
Armchairs with a leather upholstery.
Fastened shoulder and waits belts.
Carpet covering and noise-insulating an upholstery.
Onboard bag.
The instrument equipment:
The indicator of speed.
Height vysotomer/measuring instrument.
The sliding index.
Magnetic compass.
Two-channeled Tachometre.
Aviation clock-thermometer.
The index of level of fuel.
The index of temperature of the engine.
The index of temperature of a reduction gear.
The counter of motor-hours.
Signal board.
Electric equipment:
The generator.
The accumulator.
Socket, 12 V.
The block of management by a heater.
The block of safety locks.
Heating-ventilating system.
The radio-electronic equipment:
Radio station.
The fire-prevention equipment:
The fire extinguisher.
Directing for installation of blades.
Rolling the device.
Documentation on Helicopter AK 1-3:
The data card on Helicopter AK 1-3.
The engine data card.
Guidance on flight operation.
Guidance on technical exploitation.
Technical service regulations.
Technological cards.

  Are delivered for additional payment: helicopter colouring under the sketch of the Customer, the onboard tool, trailer, covers, other additional equipment.

  Attention: in order to avoid possible infringements of a control system (clearance) or failure of electronic tachometres, the electronic controller of rolls, or system of the signal system of low turns, installation of avionics, fires or other devices demanding internal installation, without written permission of Limited Stock joint Company "DB Aerocopter" is forbidden.

   Specialised trailer is developed for helicopter transportation - a platform, which a skilled pilot can use as a take-off airfield. The trailer is registered in local bodies of automobile inspection. It is possible to order it at contract registration on helicopter purchase. Trailer cost – about USD. It is not included into the helicopter complete set, and is on sale separately.


  Trailer technical characteristics: full weight - 845 kg, weight without cargo - 450 kg. Length of the trailer itself is - 4 m, with a hook - 6 m; width, is - 2,5 m.


  Tests and helicopter operational development 1-3CX (agricultural, CX - russian letters), which is equipped by equipment for application of fertilizers on fields proceed are continued. Unfortunately time for completion of tests and technical characteristics are not defined yet, but preliminary talk about future deliveries АК 1-3СХ can already be held.

  Estimated cost АК 1-3CX with equipment will be USD. After end of tests and the beginning of sales, the information about АК 1-3CX will be published on this site.



  The helicopter AK 1-3 purchasing terms can be found in a special section, entering it through the menu site (above).

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